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Nov 21, 2012 4:00pm PST
america. still to come, cutting the murder rate in el salvador. could it be true that life behind bars helps cast a dangerous time? the only surviving gunmen after the 2008 mumbai attack that killed 166 people has been hanged. a pakistani national, he was executed in prison after the indian president rejected a plea for mercy. >> one of the 10 gunmen who unleashed mayhem on mumbai in 2008 and the only one to be captured alive was executed on wednesday morning after the president of india rejected his plea for mercy. a pakistani national, he had been sentenced to death by a court in mumbai on charges of waging war against india, and murder. india's prime -- foreign minister said that pakistan objected to the decision we attempted to communicate with the pakistan -- a objected to the decision. >> we attempted to communicate with the pakistan foreign office. and since those comments were not received by the foreign office, by fax we communicated with them. >> outside, people have been celebrating an enchanting -- and chanting. execution, while legally in india, is rare. the last one was e
Nov 28, 2012 4:00pm PST
a recent article. -- pick muhammed el-erian has made in a recent article. what exactly is all of the brightness to this chaos? >> it is important to understand the context. egypt is trying to give it -- put from its past -- pivot from its past into its future without the proper institutions and without a mandela-type leader. it is a very bumpy road. there are now checks and balances in egypt. this is no longer a society where you can ram through changes. and there is nothing more powerful than citizens who feel they have a say in the destiny of their country. because of that, you can think of the future, which will be one where the egyptians will be able to take control of their economy much more so than before. it tells you that the egyptians feel they own the country, and that is very important. >> what do you say of the critique that if you can simply replaced one ferro with another? >> i would say it is not that -- one ferro -- pharoah with another? >> i would say it is not that bad. in the old days under a pharoah there would be no protests in the street. today, people feel
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2